A lovely and great family: five girls were born in the family in 2007 and this is how the wonderful family lives now


A great surprise was going to happen in Artamkin family in 2007. The fatjer and mother couls not have imagined this for sure.

When Varvara was pregnant she went to ultrasound and what the doctor told her made her be shocked and surprised at the same time.

It turned out that she was waiting for five baby girls. She was happy. The doctors were afraid that something bad would happen and suggested to avoid further risks and remove two of the embryos.

The couple believed in God. They removed abroad so that the woman gave birth. Russian doctors refused to take such responsibility.

When the five baby girls were 26 months they were delievered and transformed ro the incubator as they were premature.

They quickly recovered and were taken to Russia. They were strong and healthy when they were taken home.

As they came Russia they were gifted a flat which was modern and furnished. The flat had four rooms and the apartment was rather cosy.

The couple had many difficulties raising the five children as it made them tired and exhausted. Thanks to their support and respect towards one another they overcame the difficulty of raising five baby girls at the same time.

They are proud to be so risky and have such cute babies. The family is happy to have so many baby girls at the same time. They give them spirit of happiness and care. The father does not see any difference between a big family and their family.

They have always dreamt of having such a big family with many children.The girls names are Elizabeth, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Nadezhda, Varvara and Tatiana.

As parents say, they are all absolutely different, both in character and appearance. The girl, born fourth, was sick a lot. She often had bronchitis, phneumonia and etc. However, they got stronger as they grew older.

The girls went school together in 2015.Nowdays the girls are 12 years old, they are rather developed.

They have been attending church since childhood. By their example, the Artamkins showed that when there is a reliable shoulder of a loved one, nothing is impossible.

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