In The Orphanage She Was Called the “Devil’s Child” How a Couple Adopted a Neglected Girl and Raised a World-Famous Ballerina


Michaela Mabinty DePrince is a famous ballet dancer. He is from Sierria Leonne in 1995.

Her parents died that is why she was sent to an orphange. In orphanage she became a number one.

The girl suffers from vitiligo and people sometimes described the three years old girl as having an evil’s spirit. Everybody at the orphange told the girl that she would not be adopted because she looked lika devil.

Other girls did not have any relationship with her and even teased her. The girl had one friend whose name is Mabnity. She was left handed and both of them understood each other perfectly.

Now 17, DePrince recently completed a tour with the Dance Theatre of Harlem, many of whose dancers are African-American, or mixed-race.

Meanwhile, a woman named Elaine DePrince, who lived in New Jersey, was dreaming of adopting a child from Africa. She had plans to adopt Michaela’s friend, Mabinty. But before she went on an adoption trip, there was some confusion, which later became Michaela’s destiny.

She was even featured in both Beyoncé and Madonna’s music videos. She rose to fame thanks to her own hard work and the support of 2 truly loving people, her adoptive parents, who always had immense trust in her.

Mabinty are you adopting? We have 2 of them.’”

And then Elaine found out that the other Mabinty had been rejected by 12 families because of her skin condition.

After this revelation, she didn’t hesitate a moment and made the decision to adopt both of the girls. Elaine will probably never forget her first meeting with Michaela because she was so skeptical about her own adoption.

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