Duck or Rabbit? In this fun test, look at the picture and see which animal appears first, then read on to see if you agree with what it says about you


A optical illusion find out wheter this is a duck or a rabbit. Everything depends on your mind and thinking skills.

It is even accepted truth that what you see depends on the season of the year. The perception of certain optical illusions (or just objects in general) depends on associations and biases.

Some see a rabbit and others will see a duck — but are you able to see both alternatively?What you see (and how fast you see it) could indicate how quickly your brain works — and how creative you are.

1. Duck
If you first saw the duck, your eyes are working well as this is what the majority of people first identify when looking at the picture. Ducks are a symbol of calm and peace, and also have deep spiritual associations.

It’s likely that your main interests and passions are not related to material goods and acquiring more things, but rather in deep heartfelt treasures, such as helping others, appreciating and protecting nature, and pursuing higher meaning in life. Your efforts to find and create a state of inner calm will likely be rewarded well, because this is your true nature.

2. Rabbit
If you first saw the rabbit, then you first saw what the majority of the population does not. Most people see the duck first and have difficulty seeing the rabbit, so your eye for detail and creative ability is quite high.

Rabbits are often associated with bringing good luck, as for centuries a rabbit’s foot was considered a good luck charm to carry around. Consider listening more to your heart and your intuition, as you have deep potential to achieve and accomplish in life what many others cannot.

New and exciting opportunities are likely working their way to you, so keep an open-mind and when they arrive, if they resonate within your heart, go for it!

3. Both
The meaning of the psychological side of the rabbit duck illusion says that people who are able to see both animals easily are more creative in general. Most people can see the duck, but have difficulty seeing the rabbit — so if you can see both, congratulations! You likely are gifted with a greater sense of creativity.

To test the validity of the rabbit duck illusion, research published in 2011 in the British Journal of Psychology had participants consider everyday objects and list as many uses for them as they could in two minutes.

The uses could be both conventional and unconventional. The participants then were shown the rabbit duck illusion and asked which animal they saw. If they saw both animals, the researchers recorded how long it took the participants to be able to flip between the rabbit and the duck.

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