At The Wedding Ceremony Nobody Could Even Think About What The Bride Was Hiding Under The Dress If The Dog Had Not «Noticed the Head» On Time


When a dog behaves strange it means there is something that should be looked at or there is something mysterious.

There is an accepted truth that when ther is something wrong dogs behave in a different way urging about a concerning problem.

Last spring a lot of people came together at a wedding in Negeria and a strange incident happened.

A young came near people and a dog which came with one of the guests rushed towards the woman at the solemn event. The dog felt something extraordinary.

The dog prevented the explosion of the explosive device wish was under the dress. Now every guest remembers the dog who was to sacrifice his life and rescued the present people.

He prevented grief. The four-legged dog became a hero and everybody thanks him for saving their life and feeling the danger rescueing all the present people.

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