A photographer takes pictures of his spirit animal, but things does not go as it was intended


A vet and a phographer whose name is Christl had a dream to travel Iceland. He had two wishes to see the wildfox and the sky.

The photographer described the fox as the most arctic animal which is very mysterious on his way.

The photographer took picutres of wild animals but did not take pictute of the animal he wanted most of all.

The phographer spent a lot of time to find the animal and ge thought that the night is perfect time to spot the animal. It turns out these animals are more energetic at night.

The time to see the arctic fox came. He was very excited to see and capture the animal. The arctic fox appeared in the darkness at night.

As he saw the wild fox he wanted to take out his camera and capture the scene. He did not get the result that he wanted. He captured the fox but kept distance as he was wild. The photographer achieved his aim seeing a fox under the sky. Everything was wonderful and he felt content.

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