A fantastic bird called flame bowerbird has the most harmonious and saturated and vibrant orange plumage


In New Guinea one of the most wonderful and colorful birds is flame bowerbird. The plumage is vibrant orange and crimson.

The head of the bird is beautiful tone of crimson. The tail of the bird is dark. The belly and the body is orange. The bird looks unique because of its very spevial colour.

The birdis like a sunset because of the shades it has. The bowerbird eyes are yellow and they are hypnotic.

This bird is mainly seen in rainforests. They are not seen in numerous areas. The bowerbirds eat fruit and insects.

When it is the time of breeding the bowerbirds build beautiful nest in different in complex habitations that attract them most of all.

This is a way of attracting female bowerbirds. The habitation is chosen according to the comfort of the nest they choose and like most of all.

The bowerbirds hetch eggs from 18 to 25 days. Their nests are soft. Do you like this amazing birds? Aren’t they sweet and cute?They are like a computer game «Angry birds» personage.

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