Sесrеt fօօd givеs man incredibly lօng eyelashes which leave wօmen swօօning օver him


A man whose name is Valery Smagley is 58 years old. The man has very long eyelashes. But he has got fed up of them and will cut soon.

He will cut his eyelashes as soon as he is recorded in Guinness Book of Records. Before cutting the eyelashes he will have to measure them.

He is going to open the secret of the long eyelashes. He explains that a concrete food has made his eyelashes so long.

The concrete diet gave a bizaree growth of eyelashes. He is just thinking to tell the secret.

He decided to keep his eyelashes as he got many praise and attention from people. Many women were jealous about his long natural eyelashes. Many people stop him in the street to ask whetever the eyelashes are real or fake.

The man says that they are rather heavy and harm the eyelids. The eyelids are getting sore.

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