A woman gave birth to her second child who is 6 kg: he is one of the biggest newborns in the world


A giant newborn is named Lucas. He weighs nearly 13 pounds (5.9 kg). In Australia the boy is one of the largest infants.

It does not matter that the boy is so heavy. He was delievered easily and quickly.

The boy is the secone child of the family.A year ago the woman gave birth her first boy and the boy was of a huge size.

The mom said that when she felt the boy was pushing with feet they could not even manage to reach the St John of God hospial.

The mom of the giant boy is 38 years old. She is Ninna Tassel. She even said that the baby boy was born so quickly that they could not reach the hospital. The boy was born in the front seat of the car as they did not manage to reach the hospital.

The father took the labor confused and worried. Nina’s sister-in-law Sonya Anson had prepared eveything beforehead, but in the end he gave instructions via phone.

Nowdays the baby is safe and sound. He lives his life happily under the control of the doctor.

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