13 years old boy got a job and sold the Xbox to buy his mom a car


A teenager became famous among his inhabitants as he did a good act admiring all people’s attention. He is from America.

The teenager is 13 years old and he worked as a janitor for a long period of time. He worked to help his mom to buy a car for herself.

The teen mowed lawns in his native Nevada.
Her mother is raising the boy and his two brothers with care and love all alone.

Thr woman could not afford to buy the car all by herself. The boy decided to support her mom. He decided to sacrifice his Xbox.

The Xbox was a precious thing for the teen. The teen had watched many footages about how children gift their mom with the car.

For the alone mom it was difficult to buy a car and having a car is a best solution for a lonely mom.

He bought a Toyota Metro for his mom. The boy started to look for used cars and bought this car for his mom.

The boy did everything possible to earn money. He walked the dogs, swept the yards,mowing the lawn, watering flowers or going to the grocery store for his neighbours.

When the owner of the car knew how the boy gathered the money he gave the car with insufficent money.

Her mother was crying with happiness when she saw the car. This kind act is going to be classified as the most touching act of the spring. It will participate in annual compitation called » People who surprised the world.

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