The lovely photo went viral. The story of a boy who helped his father to warm his newborn twin brother and sister


Scandinavian maternity centres have proved a new method of breastfeeding infants several years ago.

In medicine this method is called «skin to skin». This method is the best solution. The solution spread in the social media. Very soon, it was widely used.

The picture went viral how a dad warmed the infant baby and the little boy a newborn siblings.

This method is used in the case of prematures babies putting on Dad’s and mother’s chest. It gives a baby positive feelings and calmness.

This process is very effective procedure for newborn. This «skin to skin» method helps premature babies decrease stress after birth. The method helps to recover quickly and to survive.

Thanks to this method the rate of survival when premature infants are 1 to 1.5 kg has imcreased from 30 to 70 percent.

When the premature babies are born the doctors and parents do everything to improve their state. The five years old boy was laso anxious about the premature sibling and decided to help.

The doctors agreed to let the boy to participate in helping the procedure. So the boy warmed and valounteered his sibilings so responsively. Very soon, the users could not stay indifferent to this.

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