Jon Bon Jovi is famous not only as a famous singer, but also a hero of our time


Jon Bon Jovi is a famous star known by everybody. In 80s his songs are famous all ober the world. Many people hears his songs in 80s.

«It’s my life» is his famous song. It is still heard on radio stations and a famous hit.

Few people only know that he is famous not only for his songs but he is a real hero. The famous musician has opened a social project Soul Kitchen.

This is a resturant with no price. People in need do not pay anything and those people who can pay pay the 20 percent of the bill.

Fhe restaurant has a vegetable and simple garden. Herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown here. So everybody can come and help with the plants and work in the Soul Kitchen.

Half of the dishes that remain the information is put in the network and the dishes are sent and paid by volunteers as donations.

The first restaurant was opened in New Jersey. This is his birthplace. The second from the Toms River.

The food is from organic products. They are very tasty and fresh. The musician himself works here and prepared treats and worked in the hall.

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