The girl has a size of a doll: the life of this Thumbelina girl who will stay at the same height


A sweet and cute baby whose name is Abigail Lee was born with genetic disorder that was a cause for her body parts to develop disproportionately.

When you see the girl in the stroller it is a normal scene. You can not even have imagined that this is a stroller for a doll.

The girl is 2 years old but still has 9lbs instead of being 44-66lbs. Her elder sister’s name is Samantha. She is four years old and looks unbeleivable bigger than her sister.

Accirding to the doctors, the girl can be 60cm. Her health state is good, she is very lively and active.

Her mother prepares special taste and healthy food for the cute little girl. The sweet girl wears doll dresses and has doll table. New technolody has not given a solution to this kind of disordinarity.

We hope she will have a better life and live happily. The obly problem is that she will have the same height.

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