A talented photographer captured a unique and rare scene of a pod whales sleeping vertically of ten 40ft sperm


People wonder whether sperm whales sleep? And if they do, how?

Though this question seems sleep, but scientists spend a long time to find out this answer.

A photographer Franco Banfi captured the scene how the sperm whales sleep in details. He captured not only them but also how they sleep.

Admire, here it is. In 2008 the giant whales were filmed for the first time. Sceints from Great Britain and Japan captured a herd of whales by accident. The whales were motionless in an upright position in the water.

As it turned out in the further research the whales live mainly 7 percent of their life in dreams.

They sleep by intervals between 6 to 24 minutes. A diver whose name is Sabrina
Belloni who became scuba diver model. She was photographed near sleeping whales.

These giant sleeping whales looked perfect and formidable next to humans. Though they seem to be calmsy but they are embodiment of harmony and grace.

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