What Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo did for the shelter will always be remembered and appreciated


Christiano Ronaldo helped the shelter and did not let the shelter close. The shelter was going to be closed because of the lack of funding.

He helped the shelter called Cantіnhо da Lіlі shеltеr in one of the Portugese cities called Gоսvеіa. He helped 80 canines giving them a sevond chance to live happily.

The shelter got even a shirt especially autographed by Ronaldo a Real Madred superstar.

The shirt wil put for auction to raise money for the hostel. The gesture which Tonsldo did was really very expensive and it is appreciated.

Shelter owner and the whole staff thanked Ronaldo from the bottom of heart for his generousity.

Ronaldo is also famous for his philanthropic efforts, having donated millions to children’s charities around the globe.

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