Every day an adorable dog Bruno who runs for 4 miles to say hi town residents becomes a local legend


Dogs are kind creature with big heart. They are considered to be best friends for humans.

Dogs spread joy and happiness. They give unconditional love and care to their human friends gaining their trust. Their friendly behaviour attract people.

Bruno is a unique dog in his own way. Each dog is full of his own way of adventure.
Every dog likes to wonder or walk as it is one of their favourite hobbies. Dogs are fond a adventures.

Every day this dog Bruno likes to walk 4 miles from their home to Lovgville to greet the residents of the town.

The dog does not stop to do this for 12 years. Bruno was a homeless fog until he was adopted.

The owner of the dog met him on the driveway very frequently. The owner of the dog is Larry LaVallee.

As the man noticed the dog he fell in love with the dog. He did even hesitate to adopt the dog.

Learning about the adventurous habbit of the dog Larry decided not to let him go as he was excited that the dog would be hit by a car.

But the owner did not have a success and had to let the dog continue his journey.
Everubody knows Bruno in Longville.

Everybody loves the cute dog who visits a city hall, grocery shop, library, ice cream shop and offices.

The dog is everybody’s favourite dog. The dog admires getting warm hugs and delicious food.

Even the statue of the dog is carved as he is loved by everybody and is famous in the community.

The dog has even a status of the ambassador of Longville.

Watch the footage below about this friendly and adorable dog:

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