A girl with Down Syndrome became a model. The girl wants to be a Hollywood star who is just 22 years old


A young lady made a decision to have a great influence on the fashion industry. She is Beth Matthhews from Uk.

This beautiful young girl was inspired from Em Goldsteins actions. Once she got an offer from a cousin to have a photoshoot.

He offered her to start a career in fashion field. So the girl with many talents started different photoshoots and had a contract with a modelling agency.

Beth grew as a real talented superstar. The girl was confident in her desicion and had many aims. Sering her abilities and skills she began to think about conquering Hollywood.

Beth’s family is very happy to see that society appreciates a persontge way she is. She gets encouragements both from strangers and relatives.

Her mother taught her daughter to be confident the way she is. The mother even added that when the girl was born she thought that she would have many difficulties in life.

The family apprecaites how the girl is treated in the society. She has a uniqur charm and beauty in her own way. She has the wotk that she wished to have from childhood. She represents herself perfectly in front of camera.

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