Video: The most dangerous island on the planet, where you can’t live even two hours


At first glance, this is an ordinary island. An island that could be visited by millions of tourists, an island that a billionaire could buy for himself, or an island that could easily be accommodated by at least natives.

The perfectly logical question “why this island is nobody’s” will not remain unanswered for long.

The fact is that despite its beauty and temptation, the island has a downside that people justifiably avoid.

They do not come with any excursions and the only building on this island is a lighthouse, which, by the way, keeps a very terrible secret.

All this would be very similar to a horror movie if it were not true. The fact is that the owner of this island is not only documented.

The full right to it took place long ago. They are teeming with enlarged tangles, they hang like vines and are found on almost every meter. It is for this reason that they conquered the detection of people who are not detected, and are unlikely to accumulate.

The snakes of this island are extremely aggressive and poisonous. Only one bite of the most terrible of them controls the human body while still alive.

If you want to know the secret of the lighthouse and watch the video — click and do not be shy. Send to your friends, it’s worth it!

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