The father was not able to buy a backpack for his son, so he decided to make it himself


Every child should be provided with education and all the neccessary things for education.

Education is very important for the future of a pupil. As to the UN over 60 million children do not attend school.

This is because of the many parents do not have money to provide their childrem with education.

Many children have to earn their money for their food. Because of working they do not have time to attend educational institutions.

Some children have to take care for their younger brother and sisters. They even to help parents in the family expenses.

A teachet from Combodia decided to show a backpack of a pupil which was by a father foe his son.

The father made the backpack not because he likes needlework but he did not have money to buy a backpack for the son.

The mother of the son decided to make a backpack as the backpack are 7 dollars and it about 30, 000 riles.

Keng’s father is a simple farmer and he could not afford to buy a schoolbag for the son so he decided to make the schoolbag himself.

Father made it from the remnant of the raffia and it looked rather unique. The picture spread through the social media and attracted and touched many people’s heart.

The talent of father gained appreciation and people liked his wish to give the best opportunity to his son.

After this picture many people wanted to help the family that was in need of support.

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