Man about town: The Italian village that’s shaped like a person


Centuripe is a city in the mountainous region of Sicily, Italy.Population peaked in 1921, when the city had over 15,000 inhabitants. Today, just over 5,000 people live in Centurip.


I stumbled, fell, woke up — Sicily! This is how the city could describe its adventures, the obvious outlines from a bird’s eye view resemble either the figure of a man who freely sprawled on the green Sicilian hills, or a crooked starfish washed up on the Sicilian coast, or an eagle spreading its wings in the Sicilian sky.

In terms of age, Centuripe catches up with the oldest cities in Italy: in 5 studies BC. e. historians have already written about it as a large and rich settlement. It is assumed that during the war between Sextus Pompey and Octavian Augustus (mid-1st century BC), the city could have been destroyed.

Before the capture by the Romans, Centuripe was under the rule of the Greeks. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a characteristic copy, made in pastel colors.

Here and there, the remains of former Roman buildings are scattered around the city: the ruins of baths, necropolises, residential and outbuildings, from which antiquity breathes.

Narrow streets, densely built up with houses, lead to the top of the hill, from where a beautiful view opens up. Even more beauty at the Centuripe Archaeological Museum. The collections of sculptures and all kinds of artifacts stored here are not inferior in rarity to the collections of much more famous museums in the world.

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