A girl is about to set a world record thanks to her long legs which are 135 cm


Rene Bud is famous as a model having thr longest legs. She is from Chicago. She has the incredible longest legs.

She did not attract people since childhood. She had to walk Her head toched the low ceilings and doors.

The girl is a candidate for a very new record. She has a Mongolian blood. She spent her childhood in South Korea. After that she moved to the United States.

Her length of legs is 135 cm. and her height is 205cm. The girl is superior to the former record holder whose name is Ekaterina Lisina. She has 133 cm in length.

Her parents are also very tall than many people in Mongolia. Her mom is 185cm tall and her dad is 208cm tall.

Whe she was a little child it was obvious she would be a tall young girl. At school she faced many difficulties connected with her hight.

When she was at the first grad she was 168 cm tall. She differed from her classmates. Her modelling career is her main achievment.

She had got many offers from long-legged woman for famous brands.

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