Top Secret: 14 Keyboard Combinations Few People Know About


Many people think that the button with the image of a window («Win») is only for opening the «Start» menu.

That said, most of us are aware that Windows is a family of operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. This brand, released in 1985, has become the most widely used software worldwide.

Few people know that the Win button can be used in combination with other keys to perform certain tasks. Below we will look at several combinations that make working with a computer easier and help save time.

So here are 14 Win Button Combinations covering many of you who may not know.

1. Alt+Backspace

Who among us has not erased part of the text at least once by accident? Well, it’s a combination of replacing deletion and restoring a lost word or sentence. You no longer need to enter text again!


This combination allows you to open all open spaces at the moment and move between them.

3. ALT+F4

This keyboard shortcut is for closing a window or program.

4. F2

Кнопка F2 позволяет вам переименовывать файлы и/или папки.


Эта комбинация вновь открывает последнюю закрытую вкладку.

6. Windows + L


Want to create a new folder? There is nothing easier. Press CTRL+SHIFT+N.

8. CTRL + SHIFT + N (Chrome)

In the Google Chrome browser, the same combination opens a new incognito tab in a new window.


This keyboard shortcut creates a new tab in any browser.

10. CTRL + ALT + DIV

Depending on the version of Windows, the combination opens the Task Manager or Security Center.


Opens the task manager.


There are no cases when it is allowed to move between windows.

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