The schoolmates found each other in the same nursing home and reunited together, after 70 years being far from each other


Ellien and Nora did not even think that they would meet again after so many years.

It does not matter in what condition but the classmates were so happy to meet after 70 years apart life.

By accident they met at the same nursing home they where being recovered.This was a chance to remember happy days they spent together with their friends at childhood.

This was a pleasant and great surprise for both of them. Their dream became true after 70 years.

Their name were Gill and Boardman and they have been friends since childhood. It had been ages since they had not met.

When Gill came to Crispin Care home she was happy to see such familiar face in front of her. It turned out they were classmates.

Boardman remembers how they could not remember each other when they first met. They were confused. Then they remember each other and started to ask questions.

They were happy and excited to meet each otheras they had not seen each other for such a long time.

They remebered each other and found each other after so many years. They wanted to spend the time together and remember the exciting years they spent together.

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