The mother of the boy stopped cutting the boy’s hair what happened after that was a real success


A boy whose name is Farouk James Miller is a famous boy whom any girl would envy. He is from London.

He is not rich as he does not have any super intelligence talents, large inheritance, rich family.

He has two foot tall hair which are very beautiful curly. The boy has become very famous for his curly hair in the Instagram.

The boy is invited to many shop advertisments to work as a model. His curly hair attract the attention whoever sees him. He is really successful.

As to his mother the boy’s curly hair has give fame not only the boy but also the whole family. The curly hair is a golden ticket for the family and the boy.

The boy’s hair is 60 centimeters. The mother of James cuts the boy’s hair an inch every new year.

They live richer and better than many people thanks to the boy’s gorgeous hair. In London they live better than many black people.

The boy has both big hair and big responsibility. His mother says that the boy has had such hair since he was born.

His hair needs daily oiling, special expensive shampoos, special care and special braiding befor going to sleep.

Though his hair brings profit but he has his own problems of suffering connected with hair. We just wish the boy a good luck and success in the future.

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