Wife left the husband with newly born daughter and the man became the best dad in the world


Richard had a small family. His new family consisted from his wife and daughter. He could even have imagined through what he had to pass as his wife did not want to stay with him and daughter and left them.

Richard had to pull forward himself in order to take care of his newly born daughter. He tried his best to look after the cute girl.

He learnt many things to provide the baby happy childhood and fortunate future. He sometimes stopped then look at the daughter’s smiling face and changed his attitude.

The man rushed all day long and he did not have any free time. It was a big hell for him but he overcame the difficulties of bringing up his daughter properly.

The daughter even called him dad-mom. Dad even calls his daughter «a little princess». The daughter calls him as «the best dad in the world». The daughter is named Persephone. The girl grew and grew.

The main achievment for the dad is that his daughter smiles now. He feels happy to be the dad of such a sweet girl.

He is ready to do anything for his princess. He did everything for the daughter not to feel the lack of maternity care.

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