What a man found during the renovation of the house will make you astonished


While remodeling the house a man found a suitcase with wads of cash inside.

The man remembered that the house was built in 40s. He was 35 years old when he started remodeling the house.

When he saw the strange thing in the basement he called his wife. This was really a precious gift for them.

They checked the container out. The case was rather light and they thought that there were sport cards inside, as it turned out there were some newspaper staff there.

The man was sure that he was going to find «treasure» inside. As he began to pick the papers he saw money inside it. His heart began to beat faster.

As he saw the colour of the money he started to shout that it was 1000 or more. He could hardly believe his eyes how could he being a poor person become rich very quickly.

This became a sensation not only for him and his realatives but also for the Internet users.

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