Very few people can spot the nude woman in this image hidden with her entire body


Those who see the picture for the first time they notice a butterfly on the flower. But the picture has much to say as it is a real work of art.

It is very worthy picture that your eyes see. A very talented artist whose name is Johannes Stötter created this beautiful wotk if art.

This picture not only shows a butterfly lying on the flower but also this picture is an optical illlusion that is hidden very well. The creatpr of this picture is famous as «the Master of unseen».

He concealed very well a naked woman in the picture. This is his favorite one and he is happy for this painting.

The butterfly is his best one.Can you spot the woman in there? This painting is a perfect work of art so far.

If you haven’t spotted her already, here’s some help from the artist through a stunning short video.

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