Until the whale shark grabbed the diver by the hand, the diver could not understand what the whale shark needed


Whale sharks are well known as the largest fish. A group of divers who met the whale shark will remember this experience for a long time.

The sea giant approached one of the divers and this scene was unexpectable. The giant shark pulled the arm of one of the divers.

After some time the giant whale shark let the arm of the diver. As they were swimming by the diver noticed that there was a rope around the giant body of the shark.

The diver took his jackknife and started to help the shark. In one minute the shark was free. It became clear that the rope was on his stomach for a long time as it made the shark feel torment and inconvenience.

The whalw shark is not harmful and he can even feel danger and the shark does not attack until it comes to protecting offspring.

The sounds that the shark expressed made clear that the shark expresses his gratefulness in this way. This meeting was really a happy occasion.

Watch the footage below:

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