Once they said that their relationship will not last long, but they already celebrate their 81 years of marriage


We always want to hear these sentences from our beloved one «I love you to moon and back» or «I love you forever». We want to hear these sentences for thousands times.

This couple has heard these sentences again and again. They have been married for already 81 years. They live happily until now.

The names are Ron and Joyce. They are 100 and 102 years old. The couple still believes they will be the longest living couple together in England.

Once one of their friends hinted that their marriage will not last long and they proved the opposite.

Mr. Bond proposed his girlfriend in 1941. They themselves did not even think that their marriage would last so long. It is already 81 years.

They even tell about the secret of their happiness and forever love. In their relationship nobody is a boss. They give and take and they cherish and look after each other.

They have two children. One is named Eileen and Bill. They simply adore them both. Their daughter says that they are inspiring expouses. They inspire both their children and grandchildren.

Last year the couple even received a letter from Queen on their oak anniversary.

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