Divers were not able to find the missing sailor when a dolphin appeared and everything changed


In the evening the divers had to find a sailor in the water. The sailor was missing for a long time.

It was rather dark in the ocean water. So they decided to give up searching.

At that time the divers were hoing to give up searching a dolphin appeared and attracted the attention. The divers filmed all the process.

The dolphin showed the divers the way to the missing sailor. The dolphin was excited and swam from one direction to another. The dolphin was too close to the divers.

The dolphin always returned to the divers direction. The divers understood that the dolphin wanted to show them somewhere.

The divers swam to the depth of the ocean as they had lantern. The water was muddy and the visibility became zero.

The divers swam to the wheelhouse and noticed the sailor. The boat of the sailor went bottom and the sailor was not able to get out but he had enough oxygen. The divers raised the sailor to the surface after 20 minutes.

The dolphin sailed away as he felt his task was completed and the sailor was safe and sound.

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