This woman gave birth to the world’s first sextuplets : here is how they look like after 30 years


A couple whose name are Janet and Graham wanted to have children for a very long period of time.They tried for many times but did not succeed.

After thirteenth attempt they succeeded as they did not lose thier hope and desire to have children. At last, Janet got pregnant.

The couple waited for their child and what made them be more happy after ultrasound will make you surprised. It turned out the couple would have six babies.

The news was really shocking for them. On November 18, 1983 three heathy children were born. They were girls. The woman was always on the control of district hospital.

Every year the couple spent 11,000 dollars on the looking after the babies. They spent the money on diapers, feeding and bathing the children.

Though it was rather difficult to take care of them the family overcame the difficulties. Now the girls are 34 years old. They have their own families and career.

The family took a vacation to New York. They posted a picture. One of the daughters gave birth in 2014 and the family is happy as they will enhance through time and have more grandchildren.

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