This girl has an IQ higher than Einstein and she finished high school when she was 8 years old


Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Adhara Perez are considered to be genuine. These people have the highest IQ level.

A girl who is just 8 years old has higher level of IQ than Eistein. Her name is Adhara.

The cute girl has a level of 162 points while 100 points is considered to be normal for a simple person.

The girl has 3 points more than famous scientists. When the girl was three years old it turned out that the girl has a Asperger Syndrome.

The girl had many challenges and even in the kindergarten the girl faced discrimation and after that at school.

The smart girl got bored during the lessons. A phychiatrist offered the girl to pass a test.

From this time on the girl attended classes in Engineering. She had a college level classes. The girl is just 8 years old but she is famous as a prominent person in the country.

The girl’s family are proud of her. Everybody admired her talent and exceptional thinking. Now the girl has many plans such as flyimg to the moon and making investigations.

It is very surprising how this girl can have such high level of IQ. And this story makes us think that how many children with talent are left because of not having the opportunity to study.

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