Despite her broken leg Mother dog carries her 13 puppies to the warmth and safety hiding them in a hole


The Rescue team named St. Louis Rescue team saved a dog with a broken leg and they noticed that the dog had milk after some time.

So they acted quickly to find the puppies who seemed to be nearby. The mother seemed rather worried. The rescuers could not even have thought that they would rescue so many lives.

The rescuers went to the bushes where the mother dog was taken from. They tried hard to find the puppies. The puppies where in the hole. The puppies were thirteen. The mother dog hide them there so that they would feel warmth and safety.

The rescuers put the the puppies one after one in a container very carefully. After that the mother dog was taken to the rescue centre. Both the mother dog and the puppies got proper medical care.

The mother dog is operated for her broken leg and the puppies are safe and sound.
The puppies are sterilized and when they get older they will be put for adoption.

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