Tom Haгdy’s Flаwless Exрlаnаtion About Why Dogs Aгe the Best Is Spоt On


Let’s just state the obvious right now: Tom Hardy is awesome. He’s a great actor, I mean have you seen Mad Max? I want to watch it again right now just thi.nking about Tom Hardy. He’s also quite the philanthropist, dedicating time and energy to representing charity organizations that fight homelessness and represent disadvantaged youths.

If all of that hasn’t sold you on Tom Hardy being a pretty dude, his love of dogs certainly will. In fact, Tom Hardy is notorious for his love of dogs.

It appears that no matter where one might find Tom Hardy, he’s going to have a dog near by. We mean it, at home, at a cafe, on the set, even the red carpet, Tom .Hardy is all about dog companions. There’s no denying it, the man even has an entire Instagram page literally dedicated to pictu.res of him with dogs. I’m not joking, it’s amazing and it’s called tomhardyholdingdogs.

OK, see I told you, he’s notorious for his love of dogs but it’s not just Instagram that’s capturing and sharing adorable .memories. Tom rocks the red carpet with his dogs! See for yourself.

Despite all the photographic evidence, what really has the world of dog lovers gushing is a recent statement Tom Hardy made to Vanity Fair where he explained why dogs are the best. In his own words, Tom says:

They’re just so clean and straightforward, and they wear their heart on their chest. You know what you’re getting with a dog. I love that. Unfettered companionship and loyalty in the most boring of manners.

The life and the soul is right next to you, keeping the heart ticking over in the room. You know when a dog’s around, there’s good times. . . It’s like, why would it choose to be around us? What the hell does it see in us? We don’t deserve them! What does it see in us that it’s so like, ‘Well, I wanna be with you, you’re awesome?’ I’m not that awesome. You’re awesome.

Surely these are sentiments any dog lover can relate to. I’m pretty sure the world needs more Tom Hardy.

And that’s not where Tom Hardy’s statements on dogs end… keep reading for more heart gushing enthusiasm for man’s best friend.

In Toronto recently, Tom went on to say even more about dogs!I love dogs. They’re always going to be around, doggies. They’re special creatures. I love all animals, but I think dogs are just fantastic.

And that’s NOT all, Tom doesn’t just love and respect dogs, he says he’s found inspiration from these incredible companions:

I do think there’s a lot about a dog that we can learn from. And I do put the dog into a lot of my characters beca.use a dog, if you watch them, they’re so funny to watch. They spe.ak with their eyes and their body, and I find that fascinating to observe.

And of course it’s not all that he’s already said that has us gushing. He values dogs for even more than their companionship and how they’ve inspired him. Tom says dogs provide valuable feedback:

[A]nother thing about the dog is you can never fool the dog into that you’re somebody else, so they’re great bullshit monitors—especially for actors. So if you think you can transform, just try and p.ull off your transformation in front of your dog and I guarantee he’ll see right through your greatest trans.formation, which is quite humbling.

Well, we don’t to live vicariously through Tom Hardy, all we really have to do is learn from his messages. Dogs are great, and we can all have amazing relatio.nships with our barking companions. Especially when we take inspiration from this major celebrity dog advocate.
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