Dumped Dоg Cоvеrеd In Soot & Ash Spеnt Her Nights Sleeping Outside On An Old Burnt Cоuch


This little dog was noticed by a retired firefighter in an awful condition. The old man contacted Hope For Paws rescue and they came to check.

The poor pooch was found sleeping on an old burnt couch.

The pooch was frightened and as soon as the rescuers tried to catch her she rushed to her couch as it was the safest place for her. However, with the help of a cheeseburger, the rescuers managed to lure the dog and take her with them.

They named her Waka. After having a shower the black fur of Waka became white as snow and she was such a cute abandoned and amazing dog.

She was playful, positive, and healthy. Now she is available to be adopted.

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