The Reason They Are Laying This Elephant Down? I’m In Tears.


“This tiny new.born male calf was orphaned during the mor.ning of 20th November, 2011, appare.ntly left by his mother when she and her herd were cha.sed out of an area of human settlement near the Ruiri outpost in the lower Imenti Forest.

The calf wandered into an adjacent village searching for company from whence KWS Rangers rescued him. Due to the terrain and dense forest cond.itions reuniting him with his herd would prove im.possible, and so we were contacted by the Senior Warden Mount Kenya with the news of a rescue.

The calf was trans.ported to the Lewa airfield so that the baby could be airlift.ed from there to the Nairobi Nursery, arriving in t.orrential rain, well after dark.”

All of the hard wor.k they put in was totally worth it in the end! Just look at the baby with all the other elephants! 🙂

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