Rescue foxes are happy to see that a special gift has been gifted just for them


As the air started to cool and the leaves began to turn, the resc.ue fox inhabitants of Wildlife Sanctuary seem.ed to gr0w more excited.

Soon, they noticed fallen le.aves gifted to the sanctuary for the pleasure of t.he playful foxes.

«Every year, the foxes the fallen leaves.» «They like sniffing through piles, hunting for food, and playing in the leaves.» It’s a straightforward but efficie.nt additi0n.»

Hubby, an es.pecially clever fox, had a wonderful time usin.g a wheel as a hoop, pushing up him dee.per into the pile of leaves.

Even if most people consider autumn leaves to be a normal adornment rescue foxes see them as a new and exciting chance for play.

«They probably enjoy them because it’s a change from the norm a.nd gives them something new to interact with,» the she.lter member said.

When the she.lter asked for charitab.le contributions, it was not dif.ficult for local schools to in.

The kids had a great gathering the perfect leaves to give to the tha.nkful foxes. «Seeing the foxes having fun m.akes every pers.on here happy.»

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