A Ph.otographer was surprised when the Cheetah qui.etly ca.me closer and hugged him!


A friendly cheetah suddenly ran and hugged a photographer. World’s most beautiful creature.That’s really sweet but it makes me wonder about the cheetah. If he’s fr.iendly to people, it’s not a great sign that he has the skills to survive in the w.ild.

Sasan Amir, a 27-year-old photographer from Ge.rmany, is a frequent visitor to the Afr.ican savannah. There he takes wonderful pic.tures and videos with representatives of the local fauna.

Recently, Sasan again went to South Africa, where a v.ery unusual story happened to him. When he wa.tched the savannah in search of successful sh.o.ts, when he suddenly saw that a wild Cheetah was heading towards him. He was frig.hten.ed and began to rise slo.wly, showing the beast that he was aw.are of his approach and was ready to defend hi.mself.Wild animals are also friendly and cute!

The cheetah again moved towards Sasan. Comin.g close, the cheetah sniffed the photographer, and then rubbed his head against h.im and sat down next to him.

Sasan share: I saw that he wanted to talk. He eve.n began to purr like a cat. It took he a few minutes to realize what an incredible story had happened to him.

He even licked Sasan several times, showing his .affection. The cheetah even allowed himsel.f to be stroked and hugged – and Sa.san got a rare opportunity to touch the world of wildlife with.out any con.seque.nces for life and health.Loo.ks lik.e the beautiful cat is giving him a taste…!

It is just me that never wants to experience this, it is amazing but I’d rather it stay away from me
I’ll bet he was so surprised and happy that the .cat didn’t run up and k.i.ll him!
Tha.nkfully, the cheetah obviously wasn’t hungry at the time. And perhaps used to humans.

Lov.ely to see how cheetah enjoying aroma of his meal… How lucky the photographer is!

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