Simple Mountain Illusion is Something More…


Well, we all slept in again this morning, and wouldn’t ya know! The kids missed the buses for school and we had to run them in. So, there’s my excuse for the late illusion post today.

That seems to be happening quite a lot lately, though. Things have been so hectic with all sorts of family shenanigans and too much work.

I’m overtired and in serious need of a vacation! Aren’t we all, right? I’d love to escape to somewhere quiet and deserted, wouldn’t you? I’m thinking a cabin in the mountains…and today’s mountain illusion is making want it even more!

It seems like a simple drawing of a mountain, but there’s a little more to it. There be wildlife in them there hills!

Can you find the hidden animal in this illusion? I’ll give you a hint—it’s a dangerous animal in the mountains…

Need another hint? Turn the image upside down.Once you turn this mountain illusion upside down, you can see the hidden wolf in it! Cool illusion, eh?

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