50 Times Pet Halloween Costumes Did Not Disappoint (New Pics)


With just a bit more than a week left until the 31st of October, now is the time to decide on the costume that best suits your pet’s personality, be it Pinhead Chihuahua or Batcat.

However, coming up with a look for your companion can be tough. After all, it needs to suit their personality as well. So we at Bored Panda put together a list of ideas that should definitely help.

Continue scrolling to check out the adorably spooky celebrants and if you want more, fire up our other collections of the best Halloween pet costumes here and here.


Also, don’t miss the chat we had with PDSA’s (which is the UK’s leading veterinary charity) vet nurse Shauna Spooner about safety guidelines for this special occasion.

#1 And This Year’s Winner Of Halloween

#2 My Pirate Dog Was A Pirate Dog For Halloween




#3 The Halloween Cat Has Appeared


#4 “We All Bork Down Here, Georgie”

#5 Spoopy

#6 Rosie Has A Digestive Disorder That Forces Her To Eat All Her Meals In A Special Chair. So My Step-Mom Turned Her Into Ruth Bader Ginsburg For Halloween

#7 Cute Ghosts

#8 Corgi + Cerberus = Corberius. He’s Ready For Halloween

#10 No Thoughts, Just A Pinhead Chihuahua

#11 You Severely Underestimate My Apathy

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