This Personality Test Tells You How You Express When You Are in L-O-V-E


Optical illusion is a great way to assess you personality. This viral optical can reveal how you behave and express yourself when in love. Look out for the 4 images hidden in this one!

Viral News: Needless to say, optical illusions are quite fun and that’s why they instantly go viral on social media. The internet is full of such mind-blowing and interesting optical illusions tests which reveal your strengths, weaknesses and also tells a lot about your personality.

Not just for fun, researchers of psychology also use optical illusions to assess the different facts of your personality. According to the US National Eye Institute, an optical illusion is something that plays tricks on your vision.

It teaches us how our eyes and brain work together to see a two-dimensional image.
One such optical illusion, going viral is a personality test that can can reveal how you behave and express yourself when in love.

Fascinating, right? Here’s the optical illusion, which actually has 4 images hidden in it. The image which your eyes notice first tells a lot about who you are when you’re in love.

Look at this picture carefully, What do you see?2. Man Riding a Horse
If you see a man riding a horse first, it means that «your heart can be a tough one to tame» when it comes to love and romance. According to writer Rebecca Jane Stokes, you might take a lot of time for you to settle down even if you have found the perfect partner. He/she might be right in front of you, but your heart will take a lot of time to recognize that.

3. Girl Lying Down by The River
If you noticed a girl lying down by the river, it means that you haven’t been successful in your past love experiences. Though you are healing slowly and are willing to experience love again, you are also a little afraid that it might not unfold the way you would like it to be.

«The real trouble here is that you have a particularly hard time convincing yourself that there’s any point in continuing to look for the love that will last,» Rebecca says.

4. Stone Archway on the River
If you saw the arch first, it means you are a dreamer and a person who loves adventure. However, not everyone might share this quality. «But in the end, it feels like no one else’s heart craves a partner in exploration and adventure quite the way that you do. While you are absolutely a unique and wild spirit, that doesn’t mean you should either expect or desire to go through this life all on your own,» writes Rebecca.

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