Τhere’s Α Cat In Τhis Viral Ρic But Finding It Is Really Τough. Can You Do It.?


There is another animal puzzle on the Internet that has social media users scratching their heads — and this one involves trying to look for a very well-hidden cat in a picture going viral on Reddit. Felines have a certain reputation for being sneaky, and this one proves it is well-deserved.

The picture in question was posted on the ‘Aww’ subreddit four days ago by a user, who challenged others to find the cat. «Find my cat in this photo,» the user wrote, and thousands of people took up the challenge.

At first glance, the pic appears to show a living room with a cosy chair, a bookshelf and an open door leading to a staircase. But somewhere in the pic hides a cat — and netizens had a really tough time looking for it.

Can you fare better than others? Take a look at the image and see if you can spot the sneaky feline:

Find my cat in this photo. from r/aww
Since being posted online, the picture has garnered over 22,000 ‘upvotes’, a ton of Reddit awards and more than 700 comments.

Many confessed that they could not find the cat in the picture, while others said that they had to zoom in in order to complete the challenge.

«Is your cat transparent?» asked one person, while another remarked, «God that look me so long.»

Were you able to find the cat? You can see it peeking out from the left side of the doorframe.

If you enjoy spot the cat puzzles, here is another one to keep you guessing.

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