Ρeoρle Αre Having Α Hard Τime Spotting Αll The Cats In This Ρhoto

There are cats in this photo — that much is clear. But if you only spot three, you’re one cat short.

Go ahead, give it a try. Can you find the fourth?

Reddit user KittyInALabCoat recently shared this head-scratcher of a picture that her father snapped the other day. Even he thought he’d taken a photo of just three black kitties — that is, until his daughter took a closer look.

«He didn’t notice the [fourth] cat before I saw the picture,» KittyInALabCoat told The Dodo. «My initial reaction was excitement, and to challenge my family to find it.»

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After posting the pic online, plenty of people had trouble finding the last cat as well.

If you’re still stumped, here he is:

Turns out, along with the obvious black cats, there’s a master of camouflage in their midst.

And he’s sure easy to miss.

Leave it to a cat to make an otherwise unremarkable photo something to get excited about and share.

«I love that people are getting a lot of joy seeing the picture,» KittyInALabCoat said.

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