Too cute footage. Great Dane trying to fit into a tiny dog bed is making everyone LOL


Dogs are some of the most determined souls, often more so than people! Our furry friends never let their fun be held back by their size and always give it their best when they see something they want to try.

Big dogs—like the adorable Great Dane in this video—tend to see themselves as “lap dogs,” even if they happen to be as big (or bigger!) than their owners.

On the other hand, small dogs see themselves as “large and powerful,” when in reality, some are barely bigger than a cat. Still, these self-interpretations give us some of the best memories with our four-legged friends; this video is a great example!

The video begins with Kernel the Great Dane, who has already placed two of his paws in the puny, pink bed. This mini bed isn’t even large enough to hold one of his legs, but he’s determined to fit anyway.

Obviously, simply going in circles a few times will make him fit comfortably! When we finally see Kernel laying down in—or rather “on”—the bed, he doesn’t look particularly comfortable, but who are we to judge?

He gives the camera a stubborn side-eye, almost as if to say, “I told you I could fit.” The video, set to the appropriate tune of “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell, ends with the Great Dane looking contently at the camera, still laying “in” his bed of choice.

We probably would’ve chosen somewhere else a little larger to lie down, but he was determined, so he pushed through. Hey, if this bed works well enough, more power to you, Kernel!

Watch the video below:

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