Funny Footage. Silliest Golden Retrievers will leave you laughing for a while


If you have a dog at home, then there can never be a dull moment in your life. This statement is especially true if you have a Golden Retriever as a pet. These dog breeds can entertain anybody with their playful and innocent antics.

Recently, a few Golden Retriever owners decided to share their funny moments with their pets. One such owner shared how much his Golden Retrievers loved peanut butter. Even after licking the spoonful of peanut butter dry, the two dogs kept licking their nose in harmony for some time.

Another Golden Retriever owner tried to enjoy herself after a hectic week by singing a song on a high pitch while her dog took a nap. But the innocent dog suddenly woke up and stared at the owner as if saying, “Why are you determined to disturb my sleep?”

A Golden Retriever owner shared the different looks of the dog after applying some funny filters. This breed is also an expert at riding a bike. A Golden Retriever owner proved this by sharing a moment where the pet was found riding a bicycle and maneuvering it like a professional.

How Golden Retrievers give their innocent looks can melt any person’s heart. In one such moment, an owner shared the dejected look of the dog when at -30°C, his human refused to put the car window down. Another Golden Retriever owner shared the guilty and sorry look on the pet’s face after he tore apart the driving wheel’s cover.

Golden Retriever puppies are funnier than adults and behave like any human baby. One owner woke up his puppy-like any parent would wake up their children for school. In another moment, a Golden Retriever puppy owner carried the sleeping pet in a stroller on a beach.

These breeds can get very naughty and are masters at hiding their pranks. In one such incident, a Golden Retriever owner frantically shared his dog digging in the backyard.

Upon being caught, the dog lay in the hole as if nothing had happened. Funnily, Golden Retriever owners are witnesses to some of these dog breeds’ most innocent and naughty pranks.

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