A heart touching footage. A Homeless Non-pregnant Dog Begins Lactating to nurse an Abandoned Kitten


Sometimes animals are a whole lot smarter than humans.Michelle Smith from Anderson Animal Control, South Carolina, received a call about a dog that wouldn’t stop barking for several hours.

When she came to the scene nothing could prepare her for the incredible and very rare sight.At the bottom of a steep embankment along a deep ravine, a dog was nursing a tiny kitten.Luckily, Smith was able to approach closer and take the animals to safety at their headquarters.

The Dog and the little kitten were inseparable and the dog behaved like a caring mother around the feline.Once at the shelter, the animals knew they were in safe hands.

The dog was named Goldie and the kitten was named Kate after the celebrity mother and daughter Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

The most incredible thing was that the dog, which didn’t give birth recently, was lactating as a result of a [ps.eudo pregnancy].Luckily, the dog’s milk was what kept the kitten ali.ve.

Their story touched many hearts and a family decided to adopt them together so that they could continue love each other and be there for one another their whole lives.This is absolutely amazing and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

Wach the footage below:

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Thank you for saving precious Goldie and her kitten baby Kate.

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