Old Age Test: If You Know Any Of These Things, You’re Old


Time passes, things change, but memories will always stay where they are, in the heart. But if you’ve noticed that you’re forgetting things that used to be familiar to you in the past, join us in a funny game.

We’ve compiled a mega-list of 30 things that were in the past. The rule is simple. All you have to do is reminisce and tell us what they are. The person who knows the most out of these 30 things will be declared the winner. Are you confident to compete against other participants? Let’s get started!!

How it’s going? How many of them do you know? If you know all of them, congratulation, you’re old now.

Thanks to the subreddit ‘Heck I’m Old,’ where people collected and shared with others the pics of old stuff that make people feel not just old, but rather ancient.

Share this list with your friends if you find it funny. Also, let us know your feeling by leaving a comment in the comment box below.

#1. Ah nostalgia…

#2. You might be old…

#3.“I grew up with no internet” starter pack

#5. Zoom meetings!




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