Watch Awesome loving caring heart warming story in footage.Penguins In Antarctica Accidentally Took A Selfie After Discovering A Camera


These penguins look exactly like us when we took our first selfie.

Expeditions to Antarctica are always strange because grapefruit here is full of surprises due to its remoteness and vast unexplored land. Penguins are one of the cutest and most interesting creatures in this frozen Antarctica.

Eddie Gault, an Australian, went on an expedition there with his camera to photograph penguin colonies. He intends to capture a group of Emperor penguins and document their daily activities with his camera.

Suddenly, among the fascinating photos he has taken, there is a picture of penguins taking a selfie.Emperor Penguins are the largest penguins on the planet, standing 45 inches tall on average. They’re also very active.

Emperor penguins can live for up to 20 years and are used to staying in dan.ger.ous situations, such as the weather conditions in Antarctica. Emperor penguins live in groups and breed during the winter when female penguins lay their eggs and male penguins care for them. Penguins are exemplary fathers.

After Eddie left the camera there, the Emperor penguins became curious and approached it, and as seen in the photo, a short-legged penguin slowly approached the camera, flipped it up, and accidentally took a selfie with other penguins.

Everyone burst out laughing at the cuteness of these two penguins, and this photo truly looks like an album cover!

What clever penguins and they posed so well! Hope they take more selfies!!!!

Watch Awesome loving caring heart warming story in video bellow:

This is so awesome – it looks like they were shaking their heads afterwards.
Looks like an album cover, lol.

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