PHOTO. Hilariօus Mօment Sneaky Whale Pօps Up Behind Sightseers As They Look The Wrong Way!


A group of whale watchers almost lost their lives as the gigantic whale appeared surprisingly, without them knowing behind their boat. Located at Baja, California Peninsula of San Ignacio Lagoon and this whale — watching group was pictured waiting with their cameras ready for action. They almost missed their once -in- a-lifetime encounter, by looking in the wrong direction when the humpback whale popped behind them. Fortun ately, they turned around to see the gorgeous beast right on time before it retreated back into the depths of the sea.

The best online photo Bomb just occurred recently, when some tourists were taken by surprise by a sneaky whale.

You wouldn’t expect a whale to win in a game of hide and seek, but if you don’t pay attention, it will turn out to be quite stealthy. Photographer Eric J. Smith captured the spectacular pictures of a surprise whale as the stunned boaters looked back.

Whale  — watchers gathered their best camera equipment in hopes of witnessing some spectacular whales on a lovely day at the Baja California peninsula, Mexico.

You may not think of sitting in patience, while waiting for an incident is an exciting adventure, but eventually it became quite the adventure for these group of whale watchers.

Eris J Smith, a professional photographer, was luckily on another boat, trying his own pictures of the whales when he saw a bit of amusement. The boat was full of whale fans who hoped to capture a glimpse of the humpback for their album collections.

A sneaky whale moved on that day and became known instantly on the Internet. The stealthy whale looked up behind the boat on the cont rary when the boaters were staring in one direction with their camera. That’s when Smith took the funny pictures.

The whale-watchers only turned in by pure luck at the proper moment and saw the magnif icent view right before it once again disappeared into the abyss.

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