A heartmelting scene. Footage. The sweet wild cockatoo does this with his favourite person every day


The cute and sweet cockatoo does this action every day. The sweet scene will melt your heart.

Mr. Floofington which is a wild cockatoo likes to visit his beloved person whose name is Suzy. The cockatoo comes to the balcony in Malny, Sydney, Australia.

The cockatoo also brings his girlfriend with him. The name of the girlfriend is Mrs. Floofington.

Other cockatoos are inspired by the scene how kind and friendly is the woman towards the Floofingtons.

The balcony of Suzy turned into a hotspot for other wild birds in the neighborhood. The bird greets Suzy and they both are so gentle and fluffy.

Suzy and the cockatoo hold hands in a sweet way as a way of greeting. Suzy thinks that these cockatoos are beautiful experience for her. When she sees that there are flovk of cockatoos in her balcony her heart is filled with warmth and love.

Watch the sweet footage below:

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