Tiny Girl Adores Horse So Much She Sneaks Her Into Her Room


KK adores horses so much that she can’t bear the thought of being apart from them, and she even sneaks them into her room. The girl and her mare Sauce have known one other since they were very young and do virtually everything together.

The small girl and Sauce spend the most of the day together, and even her mother, Ashlie Phillips, allows them to stay out inside the home on occasion. Of course, there are some ground restrictions, such as Willow not being allowed to leave the living room.

According to Ashlie:

“They were given to us when she was two years old, and they grew up together. Willow generally remains loose in the garden and goes to the bedroom window every morning to wait for her.”

Despite their mother’s rules, KK and Sauce have come to breach them on a few times. On one time, Ashlie was preoccupied and noticed she hadn’t seen Sauce or KK. After a brief search, she learned that they held a little party in the little girl’s room, all of which was hidden from her.

As Ashlie puts it:

“We let her bring her in and she stayed in the living room. Play with her for a time before letting her go. When she brought her in this time, she went directly to her room!”

The girl wanted to spend some time in her room with her closest friend and show her her favorite toys, so she made an attempt to sneak her in and enjoy some time together without being detected.

Evidently, KK was discovered; it is impossible to escape undetected if you bring a horse to your room, but they certainly took use of their time together.

Sauce likes her little pal, and they will undoubtedly continue to discover charming and entertaining locations to spend time together.

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